Ariel is the founder and president of Miicks Media. Her production company is based in Los Angeles, with offices in Colorado. Ariel creates strong visual brands. She understands brand strategy and facilitates work that hits the core of both short and long term success of her clients. Ariel is adept at hearing and seeing “between the lines.”

Ms. Miick has worked with startups, well established entrepreneurs, and global brands. Her work is known to shape creative connections and each project evolves her passion for imagery. She is adept as both an artist and a business woman who understands goals achieved, deadline and budget.

Ariel got her B.A. in film and photography at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. Her studies also included advertising, fashion photography, and film, at AIU in London, UK, and The Academy of Cinema in Athens, Greece. Her passions include Rock Climbing, Aikido, and Alpine Skiing.