Culture and Drama

The Miick Systems’ team spends a lot of time exploring, defining and driving dynamic business results and the top and bottom-line numbers that measure those results with company teams all over the globe.  It seems that Culture, that is, business culture, has been one of the big buzzwords of the last couple years. The Miick Systems’ team sees culture as a dynamic reality in choice that leads behaviors modeled as brand experience in any given system, whether it be family run, private or publically traded.  The accepted behaviors in a business culture are elusive, more often than not, so unconscious, so ingrained they show up as habits in systems not questioned.  What is questioned, as often as not is when staff push back or ask why that?   The very questions, Why that? How come? “Why not?”, can be seen as insubordination far more often than as growth, inspiration or ironic, innovation and/or loyalty.  

The context of the questions asked above supports drama to show up as culture, as habit, as daily norm.   From managers to the C-suite, “people problems” begin and continue with what was originally intended as an attempt for clarity and inspiration for work to be completed!   Finger point begins very easily, and seemingly, quite suddenly drama is the culture norm rather than high performance.  Drama sucks energy out of a culture, and out of staff engagement.  By the time a lack of staff engagement hits the radar screen, there’s little hope for client/guest engagement.  From here, watch sales and cash flow go stagnant. 

Miick Systems offers ways to raise awareness, to “see” and take action in the tangible development of the culture you want to create and maintain!  Find yourself able to mold positive cultural habits and to see clearly the reasons behind what’s working or not in your company culture. 

For more examples of where and how culture shows up in the workplace and how to stop drama in its tracks, tune into our Miick Systems Podcast. 

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