Ms. Perry-Miick is an experienced, successful, artist and business woman.  Her creative ability is proven in the world of commercial interior design, furniture and costume design in theatre, dance and film.  Susan guided her “Perry Chair” design from the drawing board to manufacture then sales of hundreds of thousands of units globally.  Her interiors include restaurants, sound studios, retail space and homes. 

Susan culminates her myriad of proven talents in this new business brand.  She brings her “gift” and proven ability to continually be ahead of design ideas in the market place to Miick Systems. A bonus for us as an educational company is that Susan holds a BA in education, and taught in both, Austria and the US.  

She brings insight, proven intuition, marketing and design sense to our business model.  Susan is adept at hitting target numbers at the same time she builds market.  She understands the “how to” of providing world class service and driving solid profit at the same time.