Rudy’s a dynamic facilitator of change. Most talk about what to do, Rudy knows the why and  “how to.” He gets results. He moves through the world as an executive coach, restaurateur, writer,  provocateur, speaker, athlete and dad. Rudy is a co-founder, and curriculum creator for UCLA  Extension’s Hospitality Management program and was an adjunct professor there for 13 years.  

Rudy’s the author of over 650 articles and blogs, and an acknowledged contributor on five books on leadership, management and change. He’s a Certified Management Consultant, CMC®,  meeting the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. Less than 1% of  all consultants have achieved this level of excellence. He is also a 24year member of Foodservice  Consultants Society International (FCSI) and has served as a Worldwide board member, Chair of  the Americas, and Chair of Continuing Professional Standards for that industry.  The Miick Companies have been in business for 40 years and clients typically run at 3 – 5 times above median averages of their industry norms. More info?;