How it All Began

It was the mid 2000-teens and a small group of individuals, each with their own unique passion for the Miick tools, came together to ask: “What if we could get these tools, this amazing work, these game-changing systems – out to every team, every person, every organization in the world?  What if we could reach into the homes and boardrooms and laptops of every company out there who really needed Miick’s training and communication systems? What if anything was possible…?  What would we do?”

…and Miick Systems was born.

Each founder of Miick Systems has lived and breathed the Miick tools for years, in our homes, our personal lives, our professional relationships, and in our own businesses.  We don’t just think these tools work – we know they work!  Each of us has been approached by friends, colleagues, peers in our industries over the years and asked “How do you do it?” “How are you getting these results?” “How can I get my team involved in this work?” “Do you have anything online?”.  

So Miick Systems, for us, is less of a project, and more of a calling.  We have been called to do this work, to deliver these tools, out into a global community that so clearly needs and wants it.  

Miick Systems is our answer to that call.

We honor the time-tested traditions at the heart of the world-renowned Miick tools: supportive learning, courageous growth, authentic cooperation, loving accountability, a mindful commitment to waking up and pushing through complacency.  And…we embrace the arc of time and progress that has brought us to a new level of connection never before possible.  These tools, these systems – they are now for the first time TRULY available to everyone.  Miick Systems is the legacy of nearly half a century of teaching, learning, and sharing the Miick tools. And now, like never before, no matter who you are, where you’re located, or when you need to learn and train – we are here for you.