Episode 15

What's so hard about delegation? If the answer is truly, "Nothing!" - then why do so many of us end up saying "Nevermind, I'll do it myself!"?? This week we are getting into some of the pitfalls and hard truths around delegation, and why it's one of the top 5 topics the average business leader struggles with, year after year!

Episode 12

Which behaviors, habits, actions in your team and in your company are clearly defined as being "Excellent!"? Does every single person in your company know the answers - and do you?

Episode 9

Hiring and retaining staff in the most challenging recruiting market in generations isn't easy. If you aren't changing what you're doing today from what you did a few years ago, you're likely in trouble (even if you don't know it yet!). Join the dialogue to hear what a thriving, vibrant staffing culture looks like in today's ever-shifting landscape, and how you can integrate some key concepts for your team!

Episode 6

Profit loss. Staff turnover. Missed opportunities. The truth is: Ineffective communication costs us big time. So why do most businesses spend little to no time on developing A+ communication among their teams? Let's talk about it, and walk away with some great tips from the best communication team out there!

Episode 3

On today's episode we will be discussing fiscal health, fiscal systems and how they are connected to company culture.

Episode 14

Change! Pivot! Shift! Letting go of long-held habits, concepts and methods that have kept us safe and successful for years or even for our entire lives. We'll get into the good, the bad and the interesting aspects of how change - and how we deal with it - determines our success.

Episode 11

Values as Brand: Walking our talk sometimes brings conflict and pushback. How do we navigate keeping team, clients and ourselves happy when we don't all agree?

Episode 8

Training, staff support and staff development. If you don't have an explicit system for these pieces, you don't have a team that's firing on all cylinders.

Episode 5

Level up communication, leadership, growth...all good stuff and all on the table for discussion today on the Livestream! Join us!

Episode 2

Recruiting, onboarding, interviewing and maintaining team members in today's challenging hiring market. What does it mean for leaders, owners and conscious teams?

Episode 13

Difficult topics. Avoiding conflict. Saying "It's fine" when it isn't. Most of us communicate in the least effective way when it matters most. So what do we do about it?

Episode 10

The Drama Triangle- what is it, how does it show up in teams, and as business leaders - why do we care?! Today's episode sheds light on this all-important concept that costs us big time, if we don't wake up to it!

Episode 7

Join us for dialogue with special guest Emil Bohn, leadership & communication expert and Conscious Communication advocate! It's going to be a full house today on the livestream, so grab a seat and get in on the conversation. Special thanks to our sponsor, DoJo Nation!

Episode 4

Culture. Drama. Communication. Sound like touchy-feely concepts that business leaders don't have time for? Too busy focused on the "real work" or running your operations and leading your teams for this kind of "fluff"? It might be time to shift your focus and level up your team's performance in ways you aren't even awake to.

Episode 1

Today we are discussing how to hire, train and support teams that are focused on outcomes, results and growth - rather than tasks!