Infrastructure: Making Vision Real, on Purpose! The Essence of Your Company

In this show, Miick Systems’ team shares their experience about the relevance of infrastructure for companies.  We believe culture = brand™, that is, culture drives brand!   More so, the infrastructure in place that supports positive movement in culture, is the essence of any company. 

Infrastructure is not just the physical build out of your workspace.  Infrastructure, structure, is also the way people speak with each other and get treated by leaders.  It is the way we’re provided feedback, the way we mentor, measure, track, and celebrate or not.  Infrastructure is the essence of what we do to support the strategies imagined that will guide a company, build a team or even a family culture to mold an imagined vision.   At Karate America two key elements of infrastructure are the way people and systems are managed.

Defined Purpose, and behavior-based Values are the foundation of any company.   Purpose and Values are the ““who we are” and “how we behave”” as a business!   Infrastructure, read, decision making based on Purpose and Values guides how we act, how we communicate and how fiscal systems function behind the scenes.  “These actions allow our business to prosper regardless of the speed of change or innovation needed at any time,” says Jeff Quirk, one co-founder of Miick Systems.  

If we want to guarantee the solid foundation of performance, we need to define what solid performance means.  Rudy Miick reminds us to not count on common sense.   Miick offers, “The owner, leader, or their designated team must define what excellence means.  Next is to understand what delivery of excellence looks like for his company.  Once this foundation is laid staff training can evolve to be thinkers and innovators for the company rather than just “a set of hands.”

Ongoing training and support based on Purpose and Values, with clear communication is the infrastructure that invests in our staff, providing tangible return on that investment.   Imagine the real possibility that we can build an inspired bridge of engaged workers and work reflects such outcome.  We find an active part of structure are line items for both hiring and training.  These line items are budgeted and used as such.  Whether we use technology or personal interview time the hiring process and training investment is another example of Infrastructure.  Payroll that’s clearly defined into departments is certainly part of that infrastructure.

The goal of Miick Systems’ work is to provide you tangible opportunities to take the team performance and your company as a whole, further.  

Stay tuned!  The Miick Systems’ team will share more tools that support your infrastructure in the weeks and months to come.   You can expect tangible tips focused on effective delegation, hiring and interviewing skills as well as using positive feedback as an actual system.  Tune in to the Miick Systems’ live stream to be part of the conversation.

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