Journey, Part I: Miick Systems as How, not What

I know how this is going to go.  How this will Be.  I know what I will do and say, how I will perform. I look around at my team, and I know pretty much how we will interact with each other during the coming days and months.  Who will step up and who won’t.  Who will be On Board and who will be skeptical.  Who will step in with gusto, and who will smile blandly and nod, but hold back.  We are signing on to do work with Rudy Miick.  It is 2012, and I may not know the exact details of what is about to transpire, but I pretty much get the gist.  My learning will follow a formulaic road that I’d traveled in one way or another, dozens if not hundreds of times before.  We have hired A Big Time Consultant.  He’ll be smart in a Tony Robbins kind of way; charismatically stating simple, deep truths that resonate immediately because we instinctively know when we hear them that we should totally be doing/thinking/reading/saying/living that! (Yes!  That’s it! So brilliant!  I love this guy!)  An expert at things I am not an expert at.  Nouns as verbs-level stuff (‘Table that idea for our next meeting!’, ‘Get granular!’).  This will be definite MBA-level stuff, and I am all in.  Rudy will teach, advise, share insights and observations.  We, in turn, will absorb and grow in ways that will “push” us the same way avid runners “push” themselves to run an extra few miles:  We’ll do things we already like to do, things we are already pretty good at, and already deep down really want to do – just at a  higher or deeper level. When it’s done, we’ll be winded and sore, but smiling.  Pumped up a bit – just enough to feel like we really “got something out of the training”.  And we will still get to hold onto the habits and patterns we’ve learned to hold dear over the years.  Great session, Rudy. No really – I think I’m taking away some good stuff from the seminar.  Lots of good info here.  I took notes.  Lots to think about!  Thanks so much…..

It is 2012, and I have no idea what’s in store for me.

I thought we would learn What to Do from Rudy Miick.  I thought that his tools and systems were the What.  I would get to keep my own personal How – How I communicate, How I don’t communicate.  How much I wake up, how much I choose to stay un-awake. I would continue with my How, and plug in the pieces of the Miick Systems ala carte, depending on the areas of myself, my team and my business I wanted to work on.  Like I’d done before – Marketing!  Sales!  Staff Development!  Communication! Operations!  Take this puzzle piece – and now, keep BE-ing exactly how you have been Be-ing.  Don’t want to ruffle any feathers, don’t want to ask any uncomfortable questions, or face any squeamish truths about ourselves, ha ha.   Hold onto your same “How” as before, just plug this here puzzle piece of Training and Information into your existing framework of ‘How We Function as Individuals and as a Team All the Time’….. and the results will be amazing!

Nope.  This would be totally different.  Almost counterintuitively, we would be asked not to focus on the What – but to focus almost exclusively on the How.  The reason that we have reaped such big results from the Miick Systems is that we overhauled our How, which in turn dramatically changed our What.